About Us

Short Bark 'n' Sides Doggy Day Spa is a friendly, professional dog grooming salon in Geelong West catering to all breeds of dogs. Located on Shannon Avenue, Short Bark ‘n’ Sides is conveniently situated closely to the off-lead dog friendly park, Baker’s Oval, but is also a walking distance to newly opened Geelong West Vet and many cafes and shops for the humans. 


Short Bark 'n' Sides is owned and operated by Elva, who with over 12 years experience in the grooming industry, will strive to give your pet the absolute best care possible. 


Elva took over ownership of Short Bark ‘n’ Sides in October 2019 and has been continuously making improvements to the salon ever since. These improvements include more secure fencing, painting the floors and walls, new blinds and a split system air conditioning unit to maintain a comfortable salon environment year-round. 


In the salon we specialise in a variety of services ranging from a simple nail trim to a full-groom package that can be tailored to your dog’s specific needs. We try to deliver the best style to suit your dog’s requirements, whether it be a breed clip, pet trim, a low-maintenance/practical trim, or a certain request. 


Short Bark ‘n’ Sides also stock supplies for your pooch including:

  • Brushes and combs.

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangling spray and Pet Scents colognes from the Secret Weapon range, which we use in the salon daily.

  • Oh Crap! Dog Poo Bags.  Oh Crap! Is a Geelong based company and their poo bags are made from cornstarch which means they are 100% compostable and eco-friendly.

  • Big And Little Dogs harnesses, collars, leashes and poo bag holders. This range changes each season so there is always something cute and stylish for every dog, while always offering maximum comfort.

Meet The Team


Elva has been grooming since 2008 in both corporate and private salons.

In that time she has groomed, trained other groomers, competed in grooming competitions, set up salons and helped support multiple grooming salon teams.

Elva has a Border Collie named Ruben who is 15 and still runs and plays like a dog half his age, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Emma who is 13 and spends all her time eating and sleeping. Elva also had a French Bulldog named Violet but lost her to cancer last year. Though no - one will ever replace Violet... Elva realised that she needed a little snorter in her life and has recently introduced Schmidt, a French Bulldog puppy, into her family.


Claire has been working with animals since moving to Australia from Ireland in 2014. She began pet sitting and progressed into grooming, having worked in private salons and one-on-one with other groomers to gain experience. 

Claire has also spent time training new groomers and running a salon daily, but her passion is spending time with animals. She is also a competent cat groomer and has spent a day with one of Australia’s most experienced groomers at KT’s grooming academy, and will soon be taking part in an online webinar from some of the best feline groomers around the world to gain knowledge in this field as well.

Senior pug ladies Cookie and Bella, were adopted by Claire from Pug Rescue Victoria in 2018 and they are never far from her side… unless they smell food. 


In order to keep their skills up to date and to be able to offer the very best service, Claire and Elva regularly attend many workshops, seminars and grooming competitions as spectators, helpers and participants. They have both won ribbons in different grooming competitions in the past.


You will be sure to see Ruben, Emma, Cookie & Bella "helping out" (mostly from a comfy bed) in the salon from time to time... and don't forget to listen out for Schmidt too!